Governor Fires Daniels as State Ag. Director

Reports out of Columbus say Ohio Department of Agriculture Director David Daniels has been fired by Governor John Kasich.

According to an article on, the director was dismissed because of his resistance to the governor's "anti-algal bloom policies".

The Greenfield, Ohio Republican served as both a state representative and state senator before being appointed to lead the state agriculture department when Kasich was elected several years ago.

Tim Derickson, a former Republican state representative from Butler County who served as Daniels' assistant director, has been sworn in as interim director, Kasich's office announced in a release on Friday. The release did not state why Daniels left.

The governor imposed an executive order in July allowing the Department of Ag to impose new rules on the cutback of fertilizer use on farm fields to prevent run-off into waterways. 

It's still unclear exactly what Daniels did to oppose Kasich on the issue of water quality. 


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