Armed Resident Confronts Intruder in Chillicothe Burglary

Chillicothe Police are investigating after a burglar was confronted by resident at a home on the city’s east side.

According to a report filed Monday afternoon, officers were called to home on Hildegarten Street and were informed by the 19-year-old resident that she had left the home shortly after 10:00 a.m. on Monday and returned a little over an hour later to find her back door had been forced open.

The resident then grabbed a handgun and proceeded to check to home, that’s when she came into contact with a male intruder in the upstairs part of the residence. Startled, the male suspect yelled and a brief scuffle ensued. The victim informed officers that the intruder had grabbed onto her weapon arm, preventing her from firing her weapon, and that he had punched her in the right side of the face before fleeing the home.

The burglar was described at a white male, 5’8”, 170-180 lbs. with a medium build. Nothing was found to missing from the home.

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