Candidates for Governor Talk to Southern Ohio

Ohio map for state news

We are in the home-stretch of campaigning for the Tuesday election, and both candidates for governor are reaching out to southern Ohio for all the votes they can get.

Republican Mike Dewine says one of the areas he differs greatly with Democrat Richard Cordray is over policy concerning drug treatment and State Issue 1. Dewine says the state issue, which calls for no jail time for possession of anything less than 20 grams of a controlled substance, would take away the courts power to insist upon drug treatment in exchange for jail time and therefore increase drug abuse. 

Dewine pointed to his 12-point plan that focuses on prevention through education, along with treatment for addicts. He is critical of Cordray's endorsement of State Issue 1.

Cordray has expressed support of State Issue 1, claiming it will stress more treatment than jail time. He also added that drug abuse deaths have increased under Dewine's watch as Ohio Attorney General.

Campaign ads in the election for Ohio Governor have seen accusations against each others policy stands on other sensitive issues. 

Among them is Richard Cordray's claim that Mike Dewine has supported dropping protection for consumers with pre-existing health problems seeking health insurance. Dewine denies that and said his record in congress shows he voted several times to protect that right.

State opinion polls show the gubernatorial race is too close to call.

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