2018 Election Results

Top stories in local election news from Tuesday are: 

Matt Schmidt wins race for Ross County Common Pleas Judge

Ross County Park District levy fails 

Logan Elm School Bond Issue is big winner

Jay Wippel wins re-election as Pickaway County Commissioner

17th District State Senate sees Bob Peterson re-elected, as will be Gary Scherer in the 92nd Ohio House District. 

Find results from the county boards of election in Ross, Pickaway and Pike counties, below. These will not reflect total votes tabulated for races or issues that stretch beyond a single county.

Statewide candidates and issues along with Ohio "District" races can be found on the "State of Ohio" link below.

Ross County: CLICK HERE....

Pickaway County: CLICK HERE....

Pike County: CLICK HERE.....

State of Ohio: CLICK HERE....

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