Ross Commissioners Discuss Capital Improvements

Ross County Commisssioners

Capital improvements are behind recent decisions made by the Ross County Commissioners. Among them is the purchase of the downtown LCNB Bank Building and the other is the renovation of the Ross Law Complex. 

The LCNB Building purchase was approximately $600,000, where the county is in the process of moving the county prosecutor's office to the bank with more departments to follow, once the three year lease with LCNB is completed. This gives the bank time to construct a new location for a downtown bank. 

Renovation work on the Ross County Law Complex is taking much longer that local officials hoped. The original plan was to add more jail space, but that was going to be too expensive to maintain at this time.

The total cost of the current renovation is in the neighborhood of $6 million. A new complex would have cost over $30 million to build.

Listen to the iHeart Media Communique interview with Commissioners Dwight Garrett and Doug Corcoran on our podcast link found below...

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