Spirit of Lucy Event to Take Place in Chillicothe

On the 50th anniversary of saving the birthplace of Chillicothe's First Lady, the Friends of the Lucy Hayes Heritage Center will hold a retrospective for a major contributor and supporter of the Lucy House, Joy Gough. 

The "Spirit of Lucy" will appear at 90 West Sixth Street in Chillicothe from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, November 17th. Gough is one of three surviving founders of the original effort to preserve and restore the house in 1968. 

Those in attendance can see films, displays, and photos of the effort, as well as books Gough is donating to the growing "First Ladies' Library"  and a replica of Ohio's First Capitol eagle weather vane. 

Various dignitaries and local officials may make appearances, and the prehistoric Hopewell Culture will be highlighted with its connection to the Lucy House. 

Organizers said refreshments will be available at the free event at the Lucy Hayes Heritage Center.

To learn more, call 740.775.LUCY, visit the "Lucy Webb Hayes Heritage Center" page on Facebook, or email ihs@horizonview.net.  

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