Speculation on Kasich Running for President Again

Ohio governor John Kasich made a trip to New Hampshire this week - his second of the year, as speculation continues to build that he may run for president as an independent or third-party candidate.  

If Kasich does take the plunge, he'll be up against long odds, according to Ohio Northern University political science professor Rob Alexander.  On the other hand, he says another Ohioan, Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, could find traction if he decides to run.

Alexander has written a book called “Presidential Electors and the Electoral College."  He says it's no surprise that rumors continue about Kasich's plans.  He says if Kasich runs as an independent candidate, the odds will be against him.

He says when Ross Perot ran as an independent in 1992 he netted not one vote in the electoral college, and that a Republican or Democrat will almost certainly win the presidency in 2020. 

Alexander says Sherrod Brown has potential. 

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