Kitten Dumpers Caught, Animal Adopted by Rescuers

(Fayette Regional Humane Society) -- While a family was traveling on Thrifton Road in Ross County, they found a kitten in a box, under a train trestle bridge, according to the Fayette Regional Humane Society (FRHS).

Sharon Bowles, 63 and Brian Hamilton, 44 of Greenfield, was charged with Abandoning Animals, a second degree misdemeanor.

FRHS Humane Agents Brad Adams and Nick Marando were able to track down Bowles and Hamilton, after a shipping label was found on the box. 

Bowles told agents that they decided not to keep the kitten after acquiring it from a friend, and within two miles from the kitten’s previous home, they stopped their vehicle, and left the kitten under the bridge.

“Animals are a lifetime commitment and should not be considered disposable.” said Brad Adams, chief humane agent “It would’ve been a better idea to return the kitten back to its previous home or not to have acquired the kitten in the first place.”

Brian Hamilton was arraigned in the Chillicothe Municipal Court on Tuesday and plead not guilty. A pre-trial has been scheduled for December 19. Sharon Bowles’ arraignment has been continued to November 30

According to FRHS, the family who found the kitten decided to adopt it where it now happily lives.

The Ross County Humane Society entered into a contract with the Fayette Regional Humane Society in May to provide humane agent services. Since the contract went into effect FRHS has investigated more than 30 reports of cruelty to animals. 

Ross County residents may report animal cruelty by calling the Ross County Humane Society at 740-775-6808 or the Fayette Regional Humane Society at 740-335-8126.

The Fayette Regional Humane Society is a non-profit (501(c)(3), volunteer organization. They receive less than 2% of their support from governmental organizations and therefore must rely on donations, grants and fundraising to carry out their mission. 

The Humane Society is the only organization in Fayette County able to respond to calls about abused, neglected and injured domestic animals, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

To learn more about the Fayette Regional Humane Society, please visit their website at

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