Woman Raising Son While Rising Out of Addiction

(Elizabeth Sanders is pictured above with her son Elias and Cherly Beverly, of Cheryl's House of Hope)

The story of a heroin addicted woman giving birth to a baby in a Chillicothe fast-food restaurant made statewide news in August. Now, Elizabeth Sanders is talking about that day and how she and her newborn son were brought back from death's door.

Elizabeth says her four months of sobriety has been the result of her serious effort in recovery, after mistakenly trying to do a short-cut on another attempt to kick addiction.

Sanders and her son are currently living at Cheryl's House of Hope, operated by Cheryl Beverly. Elizabeth is taking her story to groups and schools in the community in an effort to keep this from happening to anyone else.

Sanders says recovery requires diligence and there are "no quick fixes" and she must stay on her path to recovery.

Listen to our iHeart Media Communique interview with Elizabeth and Cheryl Beverly in our podcast link found below....

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