Local Mayor Applauds Local Government Fund Increase

Ohio's incoming governor is getting some praise in Chillicothe for his plans to increase the Local Government Fund which has been cut back drastically over the years.  

At the annual winter conference of County Commissioners, Mike DeWine said he wants to increase the funding specifically for children's services which would greatly reduce costs in many of Ohio's 88-counties. The funding increase would be targeted especially for children's services that are working with kids in homes of drug addiction.

Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney says he would "love to see this happen".

Feeney says recent data has shown the growing opioid epidemic in Ohio has led to a dramatic spike in the number of children needing assistance as one or both parents find themselves addicted to drugs.

Listen to our iHeart Media Communique interview with Mayor Luke Feeney in our podcast link below...

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