Retired HS Football Ref Writes Book

A local high school football official, who recently retired after 33 years of service, has written a book about his experiences. Bob Dehner has penned "Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Abuse of Officials Is Penalizing High School Football".

Dehner says he wrote the book because many referees are getting out of officiating and are not being replaced due to the "incivility of the fans and coaches".

He says he hopes the book will show prospective officials that the experience can be rewarding as well- by developing positive lifelong relationships with other officials, players and coaches. 

Some sports in Ohio have been forced to stagger their schedule of contests in order to make sure there are enough officials to work the games.

The book can be purchased through Kindle and Amazon.

Listen to the iHeart Media Communique interview with Bob Dehner on our podcast link below....

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