Ross Grand Jury Indicts on Drugs, Shoplifting

The Ross County Grand Jury was presented 11 cases Friday and returned indictments on all eleven.  Three of those were open.

In one, 55-year-old Amber Logan of Chillicothe was indicted on two charges of possession of dangerous drugs and one charge of attempting to possess drugs. 

A Kroger Pharmacist contacted police after they say a woman called in saying she was with a local doctor's office and needed a prescription of ephinephrine for a male patient.   Police say Logan then showed up a short time later, attempting to obtain the prescription with the patient's ID. 

Caller ID also showed the phone number from the doctor's office came back to Logan's cellphone. 

Also indicted were 39 year old Brynne Martin of Bidwell, Ohio and 30 year old Makayla Curtis of Gallipolis in connection with an incident at the Chillicothe Walmart store in October. 

Police say the pair filled a cart in the store then proceeded outside past all points of sale.  The two were apprehended with the items in the parking lot.

Martin was charged with one count of felony theft, while Curtis is charged with one count of 5th degree complicity to theft. 

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