Circleville Gives Last Raise, Continues Berger Discussion

Circleville Council finished giving raises Tuesday evening. 

The "Compensation Committee" was dismissed after completing their remaining task: Raise the mayor's pay rate to be competitive in the market. 

Committee chair Michelle Blanton explained the compromise worked out among council members - a gradual stepping up of the pay rate.  This will happen after the current mayor's term. 

The compromise also included input from Mayor Don McIlroy, who was concerned about city funding levels. 

McIlroy had said he preferred any increase to go to his department heads, but that was not feasible within the legal framework.  

Council had already given raises to other elected city officers, after studying the market.  Council President David Crawford praised the committee for finishing their job well ahead of the elections deadline. 

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The "Berger Transition" is progressing. 

Representatives of Ohio Health in Columbus visited council in yet another executive session of the Committee of the Whole, before Circleville Council's session Tuesday evening. 

Council president David Crawford said discussions are ongoing, but being narrowed down, and they hope to announce terms before the end of January. 

After voters agreed to let the City-County owned Berger Health System change from one of the last two public hospitals in the state to a non-profit, negotiations started little more than a year ago. 

Crawford says the change will be a benefit for all. 

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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