Larry Householder Voted Ohio House Speaker

History was made at the Ohio Statehouse on Monday as lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted to eject their current speaker as a new session gets started.

Both rural Appalachian Ohioans. Ryan Smith, of Bidwell in southern Ohio, out. Larry Householder, of Glenford in Perry County, in.

Householder, spoke about the statehouse while addressing representatives on the House Floor.

“We can use this tool to tear apart, we can use this tool to separate, or we can use this tool as other have before us to build.” said Householder.

Householder's securing of the Speakership comes six months after waging a nearly identical political fight with Smith last June.

The House Speaker's chair is familiar territory for Householder. The Perry County Republican served previously until 2004, when he was term limited.

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