Suspect in Columbus Shooting Arrested in Chillicothe

A suspect in a Columbus shooting was arrested in Chillicothe Thursday. 

Acording to a Chillicothe Police report, an officer was assisting U.S. Marshalls in a search for a wanted subject at 937 Toledo Street, and arrested Shawn M. Morgan and Ryan K. Moore there, who both had active warrants with Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  Morgan also had an Armed and Dangerous tag.

Resident Brittany Osborne was also present, who was Osborne's brother and Moore's cousin, and gave consent to a search. 

In the room the two men were using, the officer found three pistols, boxes of ammunition, and six miscellaneous cellphones. 

Morgan was booked for an assault warrant and awaited an interview with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, and Moore was booked for a parole violation warrant.  Both were advised they were being barred from Metropolitan Housing.   

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