Gov. Dewine Seeks More Money for Vocational Ed.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says it's time to help the state's vocational and technical schools secure the funding they need to upgrade facilities and equipment. 

The Governor, speaking at a conference of career & technical educators in downtown Columbus Wednesday, said career centers were established in the 1960s and '70s, and some may be operating with outdated equipment.

"We've got to kind of figure that out," DeWine said. "We've got to figure out how the career centers can access the state money more with regard to building."

Gov. DeWine says if local leaders have not been to their region's career center lately, they need to go. "It's not what it was ten years ago or twenty years ago," he said.

The Governor says it's a common story to hear from students whose lives were changed, from hating traditional school to thriving and highly-achieving at a career center.

"We have an obligation, I think to, at an earlier age, help kids understand all the options they have in life," he added.

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