Arctic Blast Expected to Bring Below Zero Temps by Mid-Week

Some of the coldest weather in years is headed for Ohio. 

The National Weather Service says an arctic blast will bring much colder air into the state starting on Tuesday and lasting through Thursday, with the coldest temperatures and wind chills expected to occur on Wednesday. 

Colder temperatures are expected to begin moving into the area on Tuesday with a high into the mid to lower 20s and single digit temperatures on Tuesday evening. 

Then bitter cold forecast on Wednesday. We'll see single digit temps around 5 degrees throughout the day, dropping to below zero on Wednesday night. The wind chill could make if feel as cold as 15 below. 

The coldest temps are expected for the northern part of the state. Southern Ohio won't be quite as bad but still will likely drop below zero Wednesday night. This could impact your plumbing and pets.

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