FCMH Seeks Bids For Dedicated Ambulance Service

Fayette County Memorial Hospital is now seeking bids for a dedicated ambulance service to transport patients from FCMH to other facilities or to long term care.

Not associated with the Fayette County EMS, the transportation service is needed for patients who are brought to the hospital for emergency care and, once stabilized at FCMH, need specialty care at another facility. It is also needed for patients who are treated at FCMH and need to be transported to a nursing home for long term care or rehabilitation.

“Currently the hospital relies on several private ambulance transport companies which are subject to availability as they also provide transport for other hospitals in the region,” explained FCMH CEO Mike Diener. “With a contracted service, we would be able to get patients who need specialty care where they need to go more quickly.”

The move would be more beneficial to the patient as they will get follow up care more expeditiously, while also allowing the hospital to have a bed available for another patient. This is especially important to the Emergency Department who saw over 17,000 patients last year.

In 2018 there were 79 patients who were stabilized and transported to another facility. There were 151 patients who needed transported to area nursing homes. Bids are being accepted until February 14.

For questions call (740) 333-2705

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