Person of Interest in Londonderry Area Murders Under Investigation

Ross County Sheriff George Lavender is sharing more information into a triple homicide and violent assault that took place at two locations in the Londonderry area in early February.

The Sheriff says while the investigation remains ongoing, his office has identified a potential suspect who is the current focus of the investigation.

The Sheriff did not identify the suspect but said they are currently incarcerated elsewhere in the state on an unrelated charge.

The murders, which took place on Monday, February 4th, claimed the lives of Leann Potts, 46; Thomas Littler, 63; and Rick Adams, 50. A fourth victim was hospitalized. All four suffered gunshot wounds and other injuries.

Sheriff Lavender says many interviews have taken place and several search warrants related to the investigation have been executed with a volume of evidence collected.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office continues to assist in the investigation. The Sheriff says the investigatory process can take time but investigators will continue to work to ensure justice for the victims and their families.

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