Chillicothe Council Hears More on Brewery, Yard Sale

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council hear a little more about redevelopment of the former Huntington building at 1 North Paint.

Beth Neal said her Development Committee heard a presentation by the new owners of the bank building across from the courthouse, who plan to turn it into a brewery and restaurant.

Neal says they are doing extensive renovations and are spending about a million dollars of their own money so far.

Nate Baldwin, Bart Herrnstein, and Andy Tomlinson call themselves "The Three Amigos," and also have other investments in the downtown.

They're requesting a real estate tax deferral to help with their finances. It will need approval by the city school board.

Neal said the same "Community Reinvestment Area" designation has been used elsewhere in the downtown, including the Carlisle Building and the apartments The Three Amigos are developing above Paper City Coffee House.


Council waited to pass an item so it could get a little more publicity. The second annual community yard sale will be the weekend of May 31st through June 2nd this year.

Chillicothe Auditor Kristal Spetnagel is in charge of yard sale fees, but those are being waived for this.

She has three ways to share your location with her so it can be put on a handout that can be picked up at the city building and will be dispersed through the city: phone, stop by, or email

She says the city-encouraged mass sale did well last year. It will also again be followed up by large-item pickup...for some of those items that don't sell.

Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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