Chillicothe Council Spends on Sidewalk, Will Control Grass Clippings

Monday evening, Chillicothe Council spent a little more to improve Western Avenue.

Dave Tatman saw his ordinance pass on first reading to pay a little more towards adding the sidewalk along Western Avenue while the state is working on the Plyley's Lane intersection. The cost for the city rose from little more than $19,000, to $24,000.

But Tatman says the county is helping because part of it will be beside the Ross County Service Center.

He said 90% of the sidewalk to Kroger is now paid for - with one gap at the car wash. But Mayor Feeney said that remaining part will be taken care of "sometime."


Council will eventually prohibit grass clippings in the street.

Aaron Hines saw the first reading of his ordinance to adjust a city code, as requested by several motorcyclists. They said clippings can act like loose gravel for bikers.

Hines said the restriction will also help avoid clogged storm sewers. It will go all three reads and take effect after 45 days.

The committee considered including leaves, but realized that would be more difficult for residents to deal with.


Hines also saw that the recycling program was funded for the rest of the year, with another $101,500 dollars. Since it ran only six months last year, those numbers were accidentally used to fund ALL of this year.

Otherwise, he says the expenses and profits are pretty even, within about $1,000.


Kevin Coleman regularly reports on Chillicothe & Circleville councils and local culture

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