Jimmie Allen Joins Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas On Stage During 'Unwell'

Jimmie Allen Joins Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas On Stage During 'Unwell'

Jimmie Allen joined Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas on stage the other night during his "Chip Tooth Tour" stop in Nashville, TN. The two performed the 2003 smash hit, 'Unwell' off of Matchbox Twenty's third album, More Than You Think You Are.

For Allen, this was an opportunity he had dreamt about most of his life. He's always been a huge fan of the band and considered lead singer, Rob Thomas, one of his biggest influences. Around the time 'Unwell' dropped, Allen was still only a teenager with years ahead of him before he'd move to Nashville for music himself. Little did his teenage self know that just a few years later he'd have the opportunity to join his idol up on stage to perform the hit song together.

"Tonight my life was made," Allen shared on a picture he posted to Instagram. "I got to sing on stage with my musical hero @robthomas. His band @matchboxtwenty is the reason I started singing. Words can't describe the feelings running through my body. Thank You Matchbox for making great music, thank you for inspiring sooooo many musicians, writers and artists. I was literally shaking on stage. I still can't believe this happen. Well I'ma gonna go cry now!!"


This special night is well deserved. Getting to where he's at today in his music career hasn't always been a walk in the park. Through the highs and lows Allen's never given up. "I didn't quit, I never will," he shares on his website. "Stuff ain't easy, and you shouldn't quit either. There's a big difference between busting your ass, and sitting on it." Nights like the one he just had in Nashville proves that if you keep on persevering, eventually you'll start to see your dreams come true.

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