Washington CH Man Sentenced to House Arrest in Case of Animal Neglect

A Washington CH man pleaded guilty to a charge of prohibitions concerning companion animals in Washington CH Municipal Court on Thursday, October 3rd.

The charge against Jamie Jones, 43, of Washington CH, is the result of an incident that took place on February 23rd when Humane Agents with the Fayette County Regional Humane Society were called to a home in regard to a report of an underweight dog.

On arrival at the scene, the agents located an emaciated pit bull mix attached to a long chain connected to a dog house, and no water or food for the dog could be found in sight.

Mr. Jones informed the agents he had lost his wallet and was unable to afford to feed the dog. He said he was only able to feed the dog about every three or four days, according to Chief Fayette Humane Agent, Brad Adams.

In a previous press release, Fayette Humane Agent Nick Marando stated “There is never an excuse to let an animal get into this type of condition.”

The five-year-old dog, Marcus, was subsequently surrendered to the humane society by Mr. Jones, and the agents then transported Marcus to the Fayette Humane Society’s animal clinic for examination. The dog was found to be severely emaciated, weighing only 43 pounds. The dog was also found to have multiple open sores on his back, and pressure sores around his hind end. Unfortunately, Marcus passed away later that same day.

"He was very thin and weak,” said Dr. Lee Schrader, Executive Director of the Fayette Regional Humane Society. "Despite our best efforts, he passed away."

Marcus’ body was later transported to the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center for a forensic autopsy to determine the specific cause of death. The results showed that Marcus died due to a mesenteric volvulus, which is a twisting of the intestinal tract, and is most often fatal.

A special test was also sent to Purdue University in Indiana. The results of that test showed that Marcus only had a fat concentration of 11-percent in his bone marrow. A healthy bone marrow fat percentage is typically around 80-percent.

“Although Marcus was weak and in pain, he still laid his head in all of our laps to be petted and loved,” said Chief Humane Agent, Brad Adams. “We wish Marcus was still with us. He was such a sweet loving dog and would’ve brought a lot of joy to a family. I am glad he got to spend his final moments surrounded by many caring people at the humane society who showed him love.”

Following his guilty plea on Thursday, Jamie Jones was fined $100, sentenced to 180 days house arrest, and a 90 days suspended jail stay. Mr. Jones was also placed on two years probation. He was additionally ordered to not own any animals for a period of five years.


(Pictured above: Jaime Jones appears Thursday in court with legal counsel before Washington CH Municipal Court Judge Victor D. Pontious Jr.)

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