Fayette Humane Agents Seize Emaciated Horse from Property in Massieville

Humane authorities in Fayette County are seeking community donations to care for a 12-year-old horse, seized during a follow-up investigation in Ross County.

According to a release from the Fayette County Humane Society on Monday, Fayette Humane Agents discovered the horse, named Charlie, on property within the Massieville area.

Chief Humane Agent, Brad Adams, said Charlie was found outside in the rain last Thursday afternoon tied to a tree, and in a state-of-neglect. Chief Adams said Charlie was found without adequate shelter and appeared emaciated and shivering. He added that bark from nearby trees was completely chewed away and there was no water for the horse to drink.

Chief Adams and Humane Agent Nick Marando took possession of Charlie and transported him to a barn in Fayette County.

"It was awful to see such a gentle sweet giant, standing on the hillside in that condition,” said Chief Adams.

An examination of Charlie by an equine veterinarian revealed he weighed only 628 pounds, approximately 200 to 250 pounds underweight for his size. Charlie was also found to be suffering from multiple ulcers inside of his mouth. It was determined Charlie’s emaciation was the result of poor nutrition.

"Once Charlie is in better condition, he will be ready to find a new loving home where he will forever receive love and care,” said Humane Agent Nick Marando.

The now former owner of Charlie, Rebecca Snow, 43, of Chillicothe, has been charged with three second-degree misdemeanor charges of Cruelty to Animals. She is scheduled for arraignment in Chillicothe Municipal Court next Thursday, November 14th.

Charlie’s care is expected to be quite costly while he remains in Fayette Regional Humane Society recovery. Chief Adams says anyone that would like to contribute to his care, can do so online at www.fayetteregionalhumane.org

Donations by mail can be sent to:

Fayette Regional Humane Society

153 S. Main Street, Suite 3

WashingtonCH, OH43160

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