Fluor-BWXT Honored for $21.4 Million in Savings

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC (FBP) was recently honored by the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Supply Chain Management Center (SCMC) for saving more than $21 million through the acquisition of goods and services in 2019.

The Environmental Management group is made up of 15 contractors across the country. FBP’s savings accounted for nearly a quarter (23 percent) of the program’s total strategic savings for the year.

Fluor-BWXT’s Acquisitions Team pictured from left, front row, Kelli Lore, Pam Hensley, Deena Stephens, Heather Austin, Leslie Combs, Deb Cawley, Jodi Rittenhouse; Back row: Herb Irwin, Brenda Spriggs, Haley Sigman, Randy Bickett, Rich Knauff, Trent Arey, Jeff McCarty, Kate Merritt; Not pictured: Mark Ashby, Peggy Davis, Mike Thacker, Lauren Hendricks, Angela Stuart, Pam Fawcett, Jon Kirkendall, Brady Barnhart, Kelli Merritt, Teena Rhoden, Rob Kouns and Kenneth Conner.

“FBP is once again showing incredible dedication to financial responsibility with the project,” said Bob Smith, Site Project Director. “Our acquisitions team continues to lead the way in working diligently to ensure project dollars are spent wisely by finding the best price with our vendors.”

FBP was recognized for outstanding performance in two categories: Highest total savings over target and highest site strategic savings. The $21.4 million in total savings finished 387 percent above the 2019 goal of $4.4 million in savings.

“The Department of Energy provides us with a great set of resources for our team to use,” said Pam Hensley, FBP Procurement Manager. “From the e-sourcing program for online bidding that helps create competitive pricing, to the credit card program, our team is trained to use all the tools provided to us under the federal government’s SCMC program to make sure we are obtaining the best price and value for each procurement activity.

The Supply Chain Management Center’s strategic savings program started in 2013. Since then, FBP has exceeded the savings goal every year.

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