Shawnee State University Postpones Commencement

Shawnee State University’s May Spring Commencement has been postponed. Officials say as daily updates about the Coronavirus pandemic is shared, and after much consideration, it has been decided to go in this direction.

“The decision to postpone commencement did not come easily. We know that it’s a milestone that marks the culmination of years of late-night studying, family sacrifices, and hard work. But we want to keep our graduates and their families safe,” SSU President Jeff Bauer commented. “In the meantime, we are dedicated to helping our students complete their degrees and graduate.”

"We know that commencement is a significant milestone and an important celebration for all students, families, faculty and staff, and we will let everyone know as soon as possible when a rescheduled date has been determined. We want to let students and families know now, as they have been making plans for weeks."

Shawnee State will work to determine a rescheduled date once the Ohio Department of Health deems it safe for public health and mass gatherings.

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