More Assistance and Restrictions Announced in Ohio Due to Pandemic

Ohio has announced more assistance as well as restrictions connected to the COVID-19 Pandemic.



REQUEST FOR UNEMPLOYMENT FOR CONTRACT WORKERS -Governor DeWine signed onto a letter that will soon be sent by multiple state Governors requesting President Trump unlock existing federal funding in the disaster unemployment account, which would make funds available to contract workers (those who file a 1099) who are ineligible for unemployment benefits under current rules.

BWC- All premium payments for March, April and May are DEFERRED until June 1, 2020. Should you have any questions or need further clarification, please visit or call our office.

The Department of Transportation has APPROVED waivers for essential supply carries to carry larger loads without fine or fee. These permits will be approved for medical and life sustaining deliveries only. Additional information can be found Again, these are for essential supplies only and there is no fee to apply for a permit.



Ohio Governor Mike DeWine also announced Friday that he is ordering all of Ohio's senior centers and adult day care services to stop providing care in congregate care settings. Congregate care settings are single locations where more than 10 people, including staff and providers, are in a confined space.

The closure will be effective at the end of business on Monday, March 23, 2020. 

This order does not prohibit providing services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in residential settings, which are not congregate in nature. Rules that require day services and vocational habitation to be provided in community or work settings are being relaxed to recommend those services be provided in a person’s residence.



If you have a senior or high-risk family member in need of groceries and supplies, our member, The Kroger Company is opening their store Monday-Thursday from 7am-8am for these individuals. Please utilize this service if necessary and thank them for their kindness.

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