"Stay At Home Order" Issued for Ohio

(24/7 News) -- Ohio is the latest state to order its residents to stay at home. Governor Mike DeWine says the order goes into effect at 11:59 Monday night and it'll run until at least April 6th.

DeWine says people will be able to go outside to take a walk, walk the dog, get supplies, including still being able to get "take-out" food or going through a drive-thru. All playgrounds are closed, whether for collective use or by individuals.

DeWine noted this is an order, not a suggestion, and he expects all people to comply and that all health departments and local law enforcement can enforce this order.

On the subject of school mandated testing, the governor said; "I’ve in contact with legislative leaders and will be asking the General Assembly to pass legislation to forgo state testing for the 2019-2020 school year."

For more details, go to the state website at the state's website: CLICK HERE....

New Jersey and Illinois are just some of the other states where a stay-at-home order is already in effect.

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