DeWine Updates Ohioans on Pandemic, Signs COVID-19 Relief Bill into Law

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine briefed Ohioans on the COVID-19 pandemic in his daily press conference, Friday. The governor said the Cleveland Clinic has updated its projections in terms of the pandemic: the outbreak will be much worse in two weeks and the peak will likely hit Ohio in mid-May.

"What we want for every Ohioan is that they be able to be cared for no matter where they are, what county they live in -- rural, urban, suburban -- that there be a pathway for them if in fact they get sick," said DeWine.

Also, Friday, Ohio's Governor signed a COVID-19 response bill into law; it covers a variety of facets, including: taxes, elections, unemployment benefits, and education.

According to Dr. Amy Acton, Director of the Ohio Department of Health, Friday's statewide numbers included 1,137 coronavirus cases, 276 hospitalizations, and 19 deaths.

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