Pickaway County Confirmed COVID-19 Cases at Half-Dozen

Pickaway County appears to be running ahead of the less populated southern Ohio counties in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

As of 10am Sunday, March 29th, Pickaway County was reporting six confirmed cases. As of 2pm Sunday, that was more than Fayette, Highland, Pike and Ross counties combined. Ross County announced their first case Monday morning.

Health officials warn that those numbers in surrounding counties will change in time, as the virus spreads throughout the region.

Due to it's proximity to the larger populated Franklin County, it's possible that could be a logical reason that Pickaway has more positive COVID-19 cases than other comparably populated areas.

Twenty-five people have died of coronavirus in Ohio. Officials posted that number on the state Department of Health website late Saturday, adding that 1,406 total cases had been reported with 344 of those coronavirus patients needing hospitalization. 

Gender-wise, Ohio's coronavirus-positive population skews slightly male at a little over 50 percent to roughly 49 percent female. At last report, median age was 52.  

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