Circleville Police OK With April 11th "Cruising Event"

The Circleville Police Department has issued a statement concerning the Circleville cruising event being planned for Saturday night (4/11/20) by local residents.

The department asks that if you do choose to participate, please do the following:

• Obey all local and state traffic laws.

• Maintain social distancing as recommended by the CDC

• Do not stop to congregate together

• Be courteous to other drivers and mindful of pedestrians.

On their department Facebook page, Circleville Police state; "We are happy that this event will allow people to get out and get some fresh air. They will also be supporting local businesses by ordering take out from some of our many restaurants in the city. We realize the stay at home order has been stressful on not only our community, but the nation as a whole. We will weather this storm and emerge stronger than before."

The "Take Back The Strip" event is slated for 6pm.

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