Gas Prices Remain Low- For Now

The price of gasoline continues its decline amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The average price of gasoline across South Central Ohio is ten cents cheaper this week at $1.569 per gallon, according to AAA East Central’s Gas Price Report. This week's average price in South Central Ohio averages $1.569. In Chillicothe, Washington CH and Hillsboro Triple-A says gas was down to around $1.30 to $1.35 per gallon as of Monday.

Industry experts say gas prices will continue to push cheaper in the week ahead as many regional refiners have announced cuts to combat declining demand.

Since late February the demand for gas has decreased by 44-percent, the lowest demand experienced since the spring of 1968. On Sunday, OPEC announced historic global crude production cuts of nearly 10-million for May and June. Those production cuts are expected to ease in June but some restrictions will remain in place through April of 2022.

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