Local V.A. Nurse Shares Story of Her Serving in Detroit COVID-19 Effort

(Photo above of Tina Wolford)


A Chillicothe Veterans Affairs Medical Center nurse was among those recently deployed to Detroit, where she worked with COVID-19 patients at a VA Hospital in that hard-hit city. Tina Wolford is a Nurse Manager of the Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Athens, which serves a number of veterans in our region.

Wolford was deployed to the John A. Dingell V.A. Medical Center in Detroit for 14 days, where she saw many critically ill patients. She admits being afraid at first, but 12 hour shifts kept her actively involved in the patients treatment, to where she didn't have much time to think about her own fears.

Wolford says the larger cities, like Detroit, have been hard hit by COVID-19, unlike what southern Ohio has seen thus far.

Once she returned from her two week deployment at the Detroit V.A. hospital, Tina Wolford had to self-isolate for seven days before being allowed to return to work. She has since returned to work and is sharing much of what she saw with healthcare workers at the Chillicothe V.A. Medical Center, in hopes it will help them in dealing with any COVID-19 patients that might be seen locally.

Listen to our full interview with Tina Wolford in the podcast link found below....

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