Chillicothe/Ross Chamber CEO Says Local Retail Readies For Reopening

Retail business get their opportunity to reopen to the public, beginning Tuesday May 12th, which will include challenges to maintain the health of both employees and customers.

Chillicothe/Ross Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Mike Throne, says we will notice that customer occupancy of each store or business will vary, depending on the size of the building you are going into. This is based on Ohio Department of Health mandate that each business allow no more than 50% maximum occupancy, in order to maintain the required six-feet social distancing guidelines.

Customers will also notice shields or barriers to help the customer keep the proper distancing between other consumers.

Face masks are required for all employees, with only a few exceptions due to occupational safety. Customers are being given the option to wear masks, unless that business requires it to gain entrance. The business should post that requirement outside the business, so consumers will be advised of that store's requirements concerning the wearing of face masks.

Salons, spas, barber shops along with outdoor sit-down service at bars and restaurants can resume service on May 15th. Customers will be allowed to drink or dine inside at these establishments starting May 21st. 

Listen to our full interview with Chillicothe/Ross Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Mike Throne, in the podcast link found below....

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