Ohio Daycare Centers Opening Plan- Still Not Ready

(24/7 News Source) -- Governor Mike DeWine has delayed plans to open Ohio's daycare centers. At Monday's press conference, the governor said; "We will not be making an announcement today. We're still working on it. It's very important that we get this right. We don't want to announce a date until we have the protocols in place. We're focusing on the safety of the kids, their families, and the employees."

DeWine continued: "To be candid, the mistakes I've made in my career have come about when I haven't had all the facts or didn't dig deep enough -- so this process is continuing. Reopening childcare centers is simply too important to do so without all the best information and protocols in place."

Monday's data shows that 24,777 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the state with 1,357 people having died from the virus. Last week DeWine announced outdoor seating at restaurants and other close contact businesses can open May 12th, which will occur as scheduled. Retail also opens May 12th at half-capacity.

The Ohio Department of Health is starting voluntary COVID-19 antibody testing. Officials say they'll be sending random postcards to 12-hundred households across the state starting this week. About five-days later a representative for the health department will be in that neighborhood providing tests to those selected, as long as they want them. Recipients can also opt-out. 

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