Ross Commissioners Agree To Terms on New Jail Complex Renovation Cost

After years of negotiations and legal wrangling, the Ross County Commissioners have agreed to a guaranteed maximum cost for the Ross County Jail renovation project. 

Elford Incorporated, who stepped-in for the company that defaulted on the original project, says they are guaranteeing a maximum price of just over $9.369 million. That is almost $4 million more than the $5.5 million price tag presented in the original 2018 cost agreed to by Palmetto Construction, who defaulted on the project and pulled workers off the job.

Ross County Commissioner Doug Corcoran explains the big difference in the price tag is due partly to higher costs for materials and wages, along with the addition of some equipment that was not included in the original price tag.

Corcoran said the commissioners became aware of Palmetto’s problems, several months into the project after it started in 2018. But, after diligent attempts by the county to get a workable solution, Palmetto defaulted the project.

Ross County Commissioner Steve Neal says they are pursuing legal action against Palmetto and Ohio Farmers Insurance Company in an effort to get a big chunk of the $4 to $5 million difference back.

The estimated final completion date of the project is Oct. 13, 2021. Work is slated to start on the outside of the jail in early September.

In the meantime, Ross County Commissioner Steve Neal says the county is taking out a short-term note to pay for the extra work, in hopes the lawsuit will claw that money back, and possibly realize some savings on the new agreement with Elford Construction.

Our full interview with Ross County Commissioners Doug Corcoran, Steve Neal and Dwight Garrett, can be heard on our podcast link located below....

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