Local Memorial Day Observances Greatly Curtailed

The traditional local Memorial Day observances have been greatly curtailed.

Co-leader Bob Leach reports the Ross County Veterans Honor Guard will raise the garrison flag in Chillicothe's Grandview Cemetery, fire three volleys, and ensure TAPS is sounded 9am Monday. This event is more of a tribute to fallen veterans than a public ceremony.

The Honor Guard will then repeat the process to St. Margaret's Cemetery, Greenlawn Cemetery, Rowland Cemetery, and Floral Hills Cemetery in Ross County without delay.

SInce these salutes take place in public cemeteries, they are not closed to the public, but will lack speeches, bands, printed programs, and official wreath-laying.

This is in light of the state's continued restriction on social gatherings of more than 10 people, and the vulnerability of a majority of the veterans clubs membership during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The plan was coordinated with the Ross County Veterans' Honor Guard and the four veterans' organizations in Chillicothe - the VFW, Legion Post 62, Legion Post 757, and AMVETS.

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