Local Officials Update COVID-19 Numbers

Ross County's confirmed COVID-19 numbers, like many of the state's rural counties, have been much lower than large metropolitan areas.

But, Ross Health District's Director of Health Promotion and Quality Improvement Kelly Dennis, says the virus is still here and precaution needs to be taken by each of us in order to keep it from spreading out of control.

Dennis says due to low testing samples in the county, the daily tracking graphs can spike one day with 3-4 new cases and then possibly no cases the next day or two.

He says to eradicate the spread is get the average spread "below" the one-to-one person figure.

Health officials are urging us to continue wearing a mask when you are around other people and keep frequently washing your hands. Whether you realize it or not, when we speak, we have spit or saliva that comes out of our mouth and into the air, which is why wearing a mask can prevent those droplets from be sent into the air to possibly infect another person.

Dennis says Ross County's daily infection rates are showing a much better rate than larger communities, but the precautions we take is what can make it even better.

In the most recent COVID-19 daily stats for Pickaway County, there are 2,007 confirmed positive cases, 1,899 being inmates, leaving 108 local residents who have tested positive.

There have been four local residents hospitalized and two on a ventilator. There have been a total of 40 deaths, 37 being inmates and 3 being local residents. There are also 96 recovered at this time and an additional 1,668 inmates recovered.

Listen to our podcast interview with Kelly Dennis on the link provided below...

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