Chillicothe Faith Community Prays For National Healing


The word "protest" often is perceived by many in its "noun" form. One day after a couple-dozen people gathered and marched in Chillicothe to protest racial injustice in the nation, a group of local Christians from different churches gathered in front of the Ross County Courthouse to pray for "national repentance and a healing of our land".

Some would say Sunday's protest used the "verb" form of the word: "To declare (something) firmly and emphatically in the face of stated or implied doubt."

Local Christians answered a Facebook invitation from Zion Baptist Church Pastor Troy Gray Sunday, gathering in front of the Ross County Courthouse to pray. Approximately two dozen people gathered, kneeling at the courthouse steps and prayed. Individuals from various churches were present.

After the prayer gathering, Gray posted the following to his Facebook page:

"The church has left the building. All I know is this morning the lord said go to the courthouse. Call a few people and humble yourself pray seek his face and REPENT on behalf of the nation. We prayed with power. God showed up. We marched around the law complex anointing and singing praise the lord his mercy endureth forever. We came we prayed and thru him we conquerored. All law enforcement aren’t bad. Praying for the bad seed to be revealed. Gods got this. We just need to pray and watch him heal the land. Thanks for coming Pastor Vanbuskirk Councilman Greg Philips and Naacp Pres Adrienne L. D'Souza."

A Facebook video of the prayer gathering can be found: at

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