Chillicothe Protest Mostly Peaceful

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Approximately a couple-dozen protesters held signs, marched and blocked a handful of Chillicothe intersections late Saturday afternoon and early evening, as protests came to the first capital. Much larger and often times more violent crowds continued to occupy streets in larger cities in Ohio and around the nation.

Various groups, including "Black Lives Matter", are protesting against what they claim is social injustice and police brutality committed against African Americans. Protests in the U.S. began following the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd while in Minneapolis Police custody.

In Chillicothe, protesters first appeared in front of the Ross County Courthouse, late Saturday afternoon. Later in the evening, the group marched on the streets where they blocked the intersection at Paint and Main Street. They then walked to Bridge Street, where they headed south and stopped in front of the Crispie Cream and blocked that intersection. Police told them to move on, where they marched to where Bridge and Main street intersect. At each location, Chillicothe Police allowed the protesters to block the intersections for several minutes, before telling the crowd to move on, which the group did in each case.

There was one incident late in the evening, where police had to break up a fight near the Valero Gas Station.

Elsewhere around Ohio, members of the Ohio National Guard were activated to help keep the peace in the Buckeye state. Governor Mike DeWine made the call Saturday, citing what he described as a "small but violent group of people" protesting the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd. Floyd's death while in Minneapolis Police custody has fueled protests across the nation, including in Columbus and in other parts of the state.

Local police were doing their best to keep George Floyd protests under control in Cleveland. Officers deployed chemical deterrents after some protesters reportedly got violent during a march from the Free Stamp at Willard Park to the doors of the Justice Center. Police deployed the deterrents after protesters pelted them with rocks and debris. Some police cars were reportedly vandalized during the protests, and other vehicles in the area ended up being set on fire. No arrests were announced. 

Downtown Cincinnati and Over-The-Rhine remain under a 10pm curfew. Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley issued the order Friday following widespread local unrest. Eleven people were reportedly arrested Friday night on charges that included burglary, resisting arrest, theft and disorderly conduct.

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