Ross Health Commissioner Reports COVID-19 Rate Increase Since June 24th

The latest COVID-19 testing around the country shows some spikes in many of the southern states, especially many vacation locations.

Closer to home, Ross County Health Commissioner Dr. Christopher Brown says we've seen some increases too, although not as high as being seen in the Sunbelt States. Case rates in Ross County have gone from 0.7 new cases per day on June 24th, to 1.8 new cases per day, in the last several days.

While Dr. Brown says some of those positive test cases have been within the local state prison population, there have also been new cases among the local community.

Brown echoed many of the same warnings being given by the nation's top infectious disease experts, saying we should be wearing face coverings when around other people and try to practice social distancing.

Recent announcements by Governor Mike DeWine saying everyone wanting to get a COVID-19 test can get one, might be causing some confusion. Dr. Brown says those on-demand tests are only available at what are called "pop-up" test sites. All other COVID-19 testing still requires meeting "symptom criteria".

A pop-up test site is available from 9am-5pm July 2nd at the Pickaway County Health Department at 110 Island Road in Circleville.

Listen to our iHeart Media Communique with Dr. Christopher Brown on the podcast link below....

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