Ohio COVID Sports Rule Update Determines Volleyball Is "Non-Contact Sport"

Ohio college and high school volleyball coaches and administrators have been told that the July 5th update from Governor Mike DeWine, regarding the permission of "residential overnight sports camps", also changed the status of volleyball from being a "contact sport" to a "non-contact" sport.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association's Emily Gates, notified coaches of this on July 6th. By the received statement, this puts volleyball into the category of a non-contact sport (joining baseball, golf, softball, swimming & diving, tennis and track & field) and competition is now permitted in volleyball. Scrimmages, contests and competitions may occur with other teams.

Gates added that volleyball coaches and administrators need to remember that "The guidelines provided by the Governor’s office are to show the maximum amount of participation allowed in the state of Ohio at the current time. It is still up to your local health department and school administrators how they choose to implement the phases and returning to play, so if you have any questions about what is permitted, you will need to reach out to your school administrators."

Gates also reminded coaches that; "The OHSAA office has no jurisdiction over team play this summer. The decisions to participate in a team camp and/or compete against other teams are a local school decision – there are no OHSAA penalties. All questions should be directed to your school administrators or your local health department who have provided you with guidance throughout this time."

For general non-contact sports guidelines for Ohio: CLICK HERE....

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