COVID-19 Halts 2020 Circleville Pumpkin Show

For only the fourth time since its 1903 start, the Circleville Pumpkin Show will be canceled. This year's event cancellation is due to concerns over the Coronavirus pandemic. The other three cancellations were because of the two world wars.


A press release announcing the cancellation came Wednesday night after meeting to discuss a plan for this year's show moving ahead. Due to the large crowd it draws and the small space it occupies, organizers did not see a plan to ensure everyone's safety. The show draws an estimated 400,000 spectators each year to downtown Circleville.

Circleville City Council President and Pumpkin Show Vice-President Barry Keller said it was "one of the biggest challenges he has faced since being elected to lead the the festival 25 years ago."

The 2021 Circleville Pumpkin Show is scheduled for October 20-23. 

The official press release can be read below...

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