Argument Leads To Shots Fired And Arrest

A Circleville man has been arrested after firing a shot that grazed the victim's arm, following an argument at an East Mound Street residence.

Circleville Police charged 59-year-old Greg Walker with Felonious Assault, Weapons Under Disability, Tampering with Evidence, Using Weapons While Intoxicated and Discharging a Firearm on or near a Prohibited Premises.

After getting a warrant, a search of the residence discovered a gun box, shell casings and box of 9mm ammunition. Walker was transported to the Circleville Police Department where he was questioned regarding the shooting.

Throughout the investigation, officers discovered where the weapon involved had been hidden. Officers went to the small shed in the parking lot of the Sutherlands store where they recovered the handgun wrapped in a towel.

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