Follow-Up Test Show DeWine Negative For Covid

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested negative for COVID-19, after a first test showed positive.

The governor learned of the positive test Thursday, as he was preparing to meet in Cleveland with President Donald Trump.

DeWine took to Twitter to say "As part of the standard protocol to greet President Trump on the tarmac in Cleveland, I took a COVID test. I tested positive. I have no symptoms at this time. I’m following protocol and will quarantine at home for the next 14 days."

The 73-year-old DeWine had no symptoms, but returned to Columbus, where a second test showed him negative for the virus, then he went to his Cedarville home where he planned to self quarantine.

As a precaution, a third test will be done Saturday.

The original test in Cleveland was one of the quick result tests, which on occasion has shown some “false positives”.

The president is in Cleveland, where he is scheduled to visit to the Whirlpool Corporation plant.

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