Ross Fair Opens With Sunday Sheep Shows

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Market Sheep Show & Sheep Showmanship Winners


Market Sheep Show 

Weston Stevens, We're Growin & Showin, 2020 Grand Champion Lamb

Weston Stevens, We're Growin & Showin, 2020 Reserve Champion Lamb

Maeghan Lewis, Hare & Livestock Raisers, 3rd Place

Landon Daugherty, Frogtown Thrifters, 4th Place

Carter Cox, Ruff N Tuff, 5th Place


Sheep Showmanship

Class 1 (Beginner, Ages 8-11, First year showing)

Landon Daugherty, Frogtown Thrifters, 1st Place

Lacy Estep, We Feed Em Well, 2nd Place

Scarlett Chaney, American Made, 3rd Place

Wyatt Ewing, Jr. Livestock Growers, 4th Place


Class 2 (Junior, Ages 8-11)

Alex Long, All 4 One, 1st Place

Clara Ewing, Jr. Livestock Growers, 2nd Place

Abigail Thornton, Ultimate Survivor, 3rd Place

Olivia Renner, Hallsville Friendly Neighbors, 4th Place


Class 3 (Intermediate, Ages 12-14)

Hayden Good, Jr. Livestock Growers, 1st Place

Grace Hensley, Granny's Bunch, 2nd Place

Gabriel Renner, Hallsville Friendly Neighbors, 3rd Place

Micah Good, Ragged Ridge Ramblers, 4th Place

Kaiden Long, All for One, 5th Place

McKenzie Kitchen, Gone Country, 6th Place

Courtney Walters, Ultimate Survivors, 7th Place


Class 4 (Ages 15 and older)

Weston Stevens, We're Growin & Showin, 1st Place

Payton Britton, Jr. Livestock Growers, 2nd Place

Cade McKee, RC Gang, 3rd Place

Paige Huggins, Amazing Country Kids, 4th Place

Owen Kline, Buckskin Ramblers, 5th Place

Nakita Miller, We Feed Em Well, 6th Place

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