SVC Fall Ticket Policy Will Vary With Each School on "Home Games"

The ticket policy for games/matches involving Scioto Valley Conference sports, will apparently be up to each school, based upon their respective "facilities seating capacity."

Different social media posts from some of the SVC schools on Friday afternoon were somewhat confusing as to whether the policy they were stating, was that of the conference or only their school. But, for the most part, officials we have communicated with appear prepared to give visiting athletes, band and cheerleaders- will two tickets, where participating home students could get one or two more.

Some schools were still working out their individual details over the weekend.

The SVC administrators conducted a meeting Friday to discuss the matter.

After seeking clarification to an earlier report on WKKJ social media, SVC Secretary Dave Warne sent an email to Sports Director Mike Smith where Warne stated; "There was no decision stated that two or four tickets are to be handed out." 

Warne added that; "What was discussed and decided, was that each school, because of their respective capacities for home and away, the number of tickets sold would be based on 15% capacity."

"The home decided how many they could admit from the visiting school and then the visiting school was to decide who was to get those tickets. How that decision is made is their responsibility."

Concerning each school that WKKJ has either seen Twitter posts from or received direct information from, Unioto Twitter says they are going with a policy of two tickets per athlete on "both home/away."

Their twitter post stated; "Per OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH ORDERS: 15% Capacity at all Events. With this order we are limiting 2 tickets per student/athlete - both home & away. ALL tickets, per SVC, will be $5 - both HS & MS. NO Senior Citizen Passes this fall, NO SVC passes honored. MASKS @ ALL EVENTS!"

Westfall Twitter says says they are allowing a "maximum sale of 2 tickets per participant for fall sports events due to seating capacity in each stadium." (Tweet below)

In a requested text message from Paint Valley, they said they are "going with two tickets per athlete, cheerleader and band member and says bands will not travel on road games."

On Saturday, Adena texted to the community that "Volleyball will receive 4 tickets per player for varsity/JV, football juniors and seniors will get up to 4 tickets while freshmen/sophomores get 2 each". "Cheerleaders in grades junior/senior get up to 4 tickets with freshman/sophomore 2 each. Marching band juniors/seniors receive up to 4 tickets and 2 for grades 7-10".

"All lower level events will be given 4 tickets per student-athlete for home events".

Information from Huntington “indicated” they would be in the range of two tickets per visiting athletes, but home team players “could” get more.

A tweet from a Zane Trace school official said the same about visiting participants getting two tickets, but ZT home participants could receive four tickets, at least for football.

Southeastern says their ticket distribution will depend on who they are playing on the road and how many tickets they will give them as the visiting team. 

Some teams have much larger rosters than others. This falls SVC football rosters are as large as 55 and as small as 25 players.

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