More Deputies Needed For Ross County Sheriff Operation

The Ross County Sheriff needs deputies.

Sheriff George Lavender says the COVID-19 pandemic and negative publicity about law enforcement around the nation have played a role.

Lavender says they currently have 17 road patrol deputies, where ideally they would like to have up to 25. Ross County is the second largest geographical square mile county in Ohio, which means more roads and areas to patrol.

Training for deputies can take up to several months, with most of that being paid for by the county.

The estimated annual salary for a first year Ross County Sheriff Deputy is $36,000 according to Captain Mike Preston, and their benefits package is considered one of the better plans among area law enforcement.

Contact the Ross County Sheriff concerning law enforcement as a career.

Listen to our iHeart Media Communique interview with Ross County Sheriff George Lavender and Captain Mike Preston in our podcast link found below...

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