Majestic Performances Suspended & New Matching Fund Challenge Issued

Chillicothe's Majestic Theatre has suspended performances through the end of the year due to the pandemic. It has also been given the chance to fund raise with a donor-matched $5,000.

The Majestic Theatre began the year with a schedule filled with a variety of entertainment for patrons, while working towards fundraising goals to match a State Capital Bill grant to begin the next phase of renovations. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and businesses were ordered to close, the Majestic Theatre’s plan for the year was decimated by the continued closure of performance venues. In late-August performance venues were permitted to reopen with a significant limitation to patron capacity, for the Majestic, this meant the 500+ seat theater would be allowed to open with the maximum of 75 patrons for a production. Due to the restriction, the Majestic Theatre Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to suspend productions through the end of the year. The Board of Directors will continue to monitor conditions and may rescind the suspension if capacity increases become available.

The pandemic has caused a significant financial impact to the Majestic Theatre. Its operating budget is funded through the rental of the theatre, new addition, courtyard, and parking spaces, along with ticket and concession sales. Due to the extended closure followed by the restriction of capacity, the Majestic Theatre estimates that it will experience a 65% reduction in operating revenue for 2020. The funds for operations cover such things as routine monthly expenses, minor repairs, and regular upkeep of the facility.

During the pandemic, many community members have helped the much beloved, historic Majestic Theatre through donations. Most recently, the Majestic successfully completed a dollarfor-dollar donation match challenge that provided the theatre with $15,050 in funding. Beginning on October 1, 2020, a new dollar-for-dollar match challenge has been extended to the Board of Directors to match up to $5,000 in donations. This donation challenge is now active on the Majestic Theatre’s website and can also be made in-person or by mail at the theatre’s business office at 230 N. Plaza Blvd. Any contribution, large or small, are equally important to the theatre’s success. The Board of Directors are very appreciative of the generous donations that have been bestowed upon the organization. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contributions made to the historic Majestic Theatre can be used towards itemized tax deductions.

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