Chillicothe Parks and Rec announces winners of Holiday Lights Competition

The City of Chillicothe Parks and Recreation Department announced the winners of its annual Holiday Lights Competition, Thursday. The winners of the Norman Rockwell category for traditional displays are:

  • First Place: Cathy and John Zangri, of 330 Piatt Avenue
  • Second Place: Randy Kelley, of 694 Orange Street
  • Third Place: Halle Minney, of 285 Church Street, and Tammy Wright, of 302 Fairway Avenue (tie)

The winners of the Clark Griswold category for more non-traditional displays are:

  • First Place: Justin and Randy Dunham, of 137 Sharon Road, and Matt and Jen Cox of 634 W. 5th Street (tie)
  • Second Place: none due to tie at first
  • Third Place: Stanley Kennedy, of 747 Jefferson Avenue, and Jason M. Adkins, Sr., or 341 Clay Street (tie)

Due to the pandemic, there will not be transit bus tours.

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